Flower Blossoms

I have been working with Tar'Ra spiritually now, directly and indirectly, for ten years. Tar'Ra has a gift(s) beyond measures. She stays on her skills through training(s), perfecting her craft. She has also helped me on my spiritual journey to awaken the inner spiritualist/spirituality inside of myself. The more I learn and partner with Tar'Ra, the more I find her guidance, and I trust her with significant decisions. If you're on a spiritual path and need to find someone you can trust, Tar'Ra is your guide. 

-P. Lopez

Nature Tokens

I have known Tar'Ra Nichole for a very long time. She has always been a part of my healing journey. Her gifts are truly a blessing to me and everyone around me. She brings truth to light and opens us up to our true path in purpose. Since using her spiritual baths and oils, I have a renewed sense of self and understanding. Her guidance through ancestral divinations always brings forth a sense of peace in knowing my steps are covered...(even if she gives me homework to do. lol) Spirit always puts you to work.

-Forever Client

Brianna J.


I haven’t had much experience with getting spiritual readings but Tar’Ra made me feel very comfortable. She explained everything to me as we went through the session. I was able to ask questions and get some great feedback and clarity. I would definitely recommend her to others.