Tar'Ra Nichole

Medium/Diviner, Reiki master/instructor and Transformational Stylist, has been renewing lives through her Love Your Transformation program. Tar’Ra offers several services in assisting women to love their transformation physically, spiritually, and emotionally  through Ancestral Divination, Reiki, personal style transformation and spiritual healing products for their mind, body and soul. 


Tar’Ra’s 1st memory of communicating with spirit was in 2nd grade. While not fully understanding her gifts of sight and divination, Tar’Ra tried to suppress her abilities to fit in with society's “social norms” by becoming a stylist. Unable to suppress her God given talents,  she spent most of her career assisting women to love and accept the skin they are in during the many physical changes that our bodies go through.


During this time, she enlightened her clients with guidance from their ancestors from behind the chair. Tar’Ra has spent much of her life studying, growing and practicing the art of spiritual and physical transformation. She noticed that many of the ailments, stresses and diseases her clients encountered, was a direct reflection of unbalanced chakras/energy centers and not having a full connection with their own ancestors that were attempting to guide them on a daily basis.


Through living her own practices of Love Your Transformation, Tar’Ra realized that in order to fully heal, she needed to step from behind the chair and live in her purpose by transforming others through mind, body and spirit.

Clients leave Tar’Ra Nichole’s sessions with a renewed sense of resilience, connection and clear understanding of the spiritual support that we all possess.Teaching us how to love ourselves through the continuous cycle and ongoing process of healing, we learn that healing goes beyond this physical realm.  While understanding that our past generations reflect the future generations to come, we not only heal ourselves but our lineage and future family.